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06 May

Bundanoon Mens Shed

Health by greyink
Pru officially opening BMS (Evan Smith & Alan Hunt in support)

Bundanoon Mens Shed (BMS) was officially opened by The Hon. Pru Goward MP (Member for Goulburn) on a beautiful autumn Saturday morning in early May 2012. Following an introduction from Alan Hunt of Moss Vale Mens Shed, WSC Councillor, Jim Clark,… Read more

24 Jan

Leaf Hoppers

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A wet spring and a cold and wet summer have undoubtedly put our ornamental grapevines under stress. For the first time we have noticed that we have an infestation of insects on the leaves. These insects, that we have never seen before, are a… Read more

08 Dec

Welfare Capitalism

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In western societies the gap between rich and poor, advantaged and disadvantaged, has grown alarmingly in recent years.  This divide in the UK is approaching that which existed in the Victorian Age. The economic/political model that caused the… Read more

05 Oct

Trojan Horses Fighting Cancer

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The need for, or the thought of, a course of chemotherapy is a reason to question whether your quality of life will be so compromised that you will say “no” (and die) rather than poison your whole body and live a slightly longer life in an… Read more

29 Aug

We [oz men] should ….

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Eat more vegetables – Aim to eat at least 5 servings of vegetables each day (and no Homer, that doesn’t include hot chips). Vegetables are loaded with fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and they can assist with weight control… Read more

23 Aug

Sugar and Obesity

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TATE Sugar Cubes

Weight gain is caused by eating more energy (or kilojoules) than is used up in physical activity. So to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, the focus needs to be on eating fewer kilojoules (including watching portion sizes) and moving more…. Read more